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Mars arm sphygmomanometer

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For many elderly people and patients with high blood pressure, it is very important to have a good sphygmomanometer at home. It can monitor blood pressure at any time. Household sphygmomanometers are also divided into arm-type and wrist-type, so is arm-type or wrist-type sphygmomanometer better? Next, the arm sphygmomanometer and wrist sphygmomanometer will be compared in detail.


According to the different measurement methods, there are three main types of electronic sphygmomanometers, the first is the arm type, the second is the wrist type, and the third is the finger type. But a finger-type electronic sphygmomanometer has proved unusable even for healthy people. Therefore, the main products on the market are arm sphygmomanometers and wrist sphygmomanometers. Let us see which is better.


Arm sphygmomanometer:


Advantages: The blood pressure of the brachial artery is measured, and the error of the measurement result is small. Disadvantages: The model is large and inconvenient to carry, you must take off your top to measure.

Wrist blood pressure monitor:


Advantages: small and portable, can be measured anytime, anywhere. Disadvantages: The blood pressure of the artery is measured, and the error is large.



Since the arm is close to our heart, the result of the arm sphygmomanometer is relatively accurate and closer to the result of the hospital. However, the arm-type sphygmomanometer needs to take off its jacket for measurement, and the model is large, which is inconvenient to carry; and the wrist-type sphygmomanometer is small in size and convenient to carry, and also avoids the trouble of undressing. However, wrist sphygmomanometers are not suitable for patients with impaired blood circulation. It is recommended that patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other diseases and the elderly choose the arm-type electronic sphygmomanometer.

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